Types Of Girls You Meet In Las Vegas

When I’m not in San Diego, I’m in Las Vegas….Come to think of it, I remember the first time I went to Las Vegas. I had seen all the movies and I thought I had an idea of what the girls would be like. Little did I know that there is no certain type of “Vegas girl.” Sin City is made up of every type of girl from locals to visiting hotties from all over the world. I narrowed down most of the girls I have met into 10 categories.

Every girl is unique, but Vegas is a party city and that tends to have a certain effect on different types of girls. Here are the 10 types of girls you are likely to meet in Vegas. Full disclosure, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and banging girls amongst each these categories. I can confidently say that each type of girl has something top offer. Don’t write any of them off because most of them are all types that you can bang one way or another.

Las Vegas Girls

Various Types of Girls In Las Vegas

I’m sure that I missed one or two different types of girls but you’ll have plenty of information to make some decisions on which type you wanna bang in Sin City.

Drunk Girl

I love this girl. In fact, this is one of the most common girls you will meet. No matter what time of day or night, she has already had a few drinks and she wants to talk and flirt. Most will get so drunk they either pass out or want to cheat on their significant other.

Popular Girl

This type of girl has a ton of friends around her at all times. It’s difficult to get close to her without one of her female friends or clearly jealous guy friends chiming in. I get annoyed with this girl most of the time.

Married Girl

This girl came with her husband, but she left him back in the room passed out and came out for a few drinks. Be careful with these girls because the husband could show up anytime. Some girls will try and get away with anything, even on vacation with their husband, LOL.


This is the girl who came to Vegas for one last fling before she settles down to married life. She is wild and anything could happen, so be careful with this one.

Barely 21

This girl is barely drinking age and you can tell. She may have already built up a tolerance, but the boozing nature of Vegas is too tempting for her and she drinks too much, too soon.

Fed-up Girl

Warning, these types of girls can be dangerous and produce some of the most humiliating shoot downs of your life. She is a little hung over at the end of her trip and she’s a little sick of Vegas at the moment.

Psycho Girl

More common in Vegas than you think and often filled with emotional rage. Whether it’s the booze or the drugs or whatever drama trip she’s on, she acts erratically and her next move is unpredictable.

Girl Next Door

These girls came from the Midwest or the South and have never been to a place like Vegas before. This can be one of the most wonderful Vegas finds, but she’s easy to scare off.


This type of girl is not going to flirt with just anyone. She has heard and seen it all and she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you unless she thinks you’re hot or charming or both.

Local Girl

Much like the waitress, this girl has seen it all in Vegas. Your cheesy lines aren’t going to work on her, but she will be much more likely to respond to your flirting if you’re genuine. She wants you to talk to her like a real person who’s been around and knows when someone is trying charm her. In fact, you’ve probably got a better shot at bringing this chick back for a late night booty call than any other.

I’ve fucked a local girl or two and they seem to be about as good as it gets in terms of Vegas. Most hang out at all the hot spots, they have connections that you dream about having and they are kick ass down to earth girls looking to live life to the fullest extent. What’s not to love about that noise, right?

types of vegas girls

The one thing I want to make clear is that you should do your best to avoid hiring call girls from Las Vegas. In fact, I don’t even hire Backpage girls anymore, not even in San Diego. There’s no need to pay for sex when you can join a sex site that works at almost no cost at all.