I love nothing more than going to meet local singles in my area at a local bar, in hopes that I can get some new booty. In fact, that alone is what attracted me to Meet Locals. It didn’t take much for me to want to join this site after seeing all the people that were members that lived so close to me. Find out all about my experience using this local dating site. Meeting locals for sex might not get any easier than this.

meet locals review


Meet Locals Review & Overview

I’m not going to cut any corners here or feed you any bullshit lines with this review. I’m here to tell you exactly what I know about Meet Locals. For starters, the site’s slogan sucks you in like a tractor beam. Who doesn’t like flirting and meeting single locals for some casual fun? Literally 3 millionĀ individuals visit Meetlocals every single month. This site has a fantastic local Facebook of sex type feel. It’s a social hookup network that I encourage you to check out. This dating site allows you to add tons of pics to your dating profile. You can also share photos, chat with members and do a ton of other cool shit. There are crazy features that allow you to stand out amongst the rest. Features like the “Who’s Cute” feature and the live webcam chat will keep you busy while searching for someone to meet and fuck in your hometown. I’ve literally shared everything that you need to know if you want to get laid using this site. It’s a game changer for those that like casual sex.


Meet Locals has a bunch of great features that help make your time on the site enjoyable. There are literally tons of ways that you can contact users and get in touch with them. For example, you have the ability to choose to email members directly via private messaging or you can contact them and request to have an instant chat. You can also send “winks” as well as have live cam chats with members.

If you’ve never seen the members area of Meet Locals, they have what’s called a Flirt Center which provides a chance for you to use premade intro messages and send them to a group of individuals at the same time.

This hookup site has another fantastic feature which allows you to keep up with the individuals that you’ve contacted. All the latest updates are in your “Members Updates” feed. This feed is similar to a Facebook status update. You can take the time to read the feed updates while using the Who’s Cute feature and stay on top of users that are online now looking to fuck. They also have a Meet Locals blog that gets updated regularly with dating tips and advice on how to hook up more. I joined and I’ll go over my personal experience below so keep reading.

Chances of Getting Laid

If you’re truly looking for a sex partner, then there are many different ways that you can find someone to fuck. There are literally multiple ways that you can look for someone to go on a date with. I can say that you have a very good chance of getting laid using this site. There are millions of singles using this adult dating site to better establish quick sex connections and they are doing it successfully daily. I got laid using Meet Locals. I’ll be honest with you, if you can’t get laid using this site then you may have a problem. However, if you really get into a bind and can’t seal the deal, they do have a get laid guarantee that they offer. Finding a few casual sex partners should not be difficult here.

Site Safety

If you are looking for a safe and secure dating site then you’ve come to the right place. This site is owned and operated by a company that prides themselves as the best company that creates the safest and most secure adult dating sites on the Internet. This site has photo verification which helps increase the security of the site. If you decide that you don’t want people to know that you are a member, you can always set your profile to discreet. This site has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to scammers.


If you’re looking to join Meet Locals, you can actually join the site for free. Doing so won’t cost you a dime if you’re simply looking to create a dating profile and are just looking to take a look around the members area. I do have to disclose that your ability to send messages and do certain things on the site is somewhat restricted until you upgrade your membership status. The good news is that there are plenty of options for you. Meet Locals offers a trial for $1.00 which lasts for two days. They also offer a 7 day trial for only $9.95. I joined using the monthly option and it cost me $34.95. If you’re looking for something more long term you can join for six months at $11.65 per month. Be bold and get the 12+ month option for $119.95 if you dare. You’ll notice that they have other options for you if you’re interested in joining such as Gold and Silver statuses. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Ease Of Use

This website does have lots going on but it’s very well organized and provides an incredible user experience. The graphical user interface is spot on. The site has something that’s referred to as a personal dashboard with gives you access to the most important features of the site. You can see your current status, the status of other members, messages, and other features. If you’re interested in checking out nude photos of members then you can do that easily from this dashboard. The live cam feature is so easy to use it’s incredible.

If you’re interested in using the Meet Locals mobile site then you can access it easily from any smartphone browser. They also have a dating app in iTunes as well as the Android store which are worth checking out as well. I use the iPhone app all the time because I want to be online 24/7.

The Search

Searching for someone to fuck using Meet Locals is an absolute breeze. This site offers a wide array of advanced search functions. The company behind this site prides themselves in making it insanely easy to search for local girls when using the site. I chose to use the advanced search to connect with some local college girls. It ended up working like a charm.

Conclusion: Meet Locals Works And It’s Worth Joining

If you’re looking for an ideal site that’s meant to help you meet local people looking to fuck then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent the last four years of my life searching for the best adult dating sites on this planet and I’ll be the first to say that this site has earned a spot on this list.

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