When you see the name of the casual dating site called Instabang, what immediately comes to mind? It’s pretty obvious right? The name suggests that you can come to this site to get banged instantly or bang local girls in an instant.

I don’t know about instantly, but your chances of hooking up the day you join are pretty high with pretty much minimal effort. That’s what I found to be true anyway. I have tried a lot of these sites that claim to get you laid instantly, but this site gets real results. Read my full review below.

Instabang Review Mobile Dating Site


Instabang Review and Overview

The name Instabang is derived from Instagram and the layout has people calling it the Instagram of sex. The interface is cutting edge and speaks toward the new generation dominated by social media. You can get multiple matches quickly just by looking at a group of pictures and indicating which ones you think are hot. Having spent countless hours browsing Insta Bang on my mobile phone, I can say for certain that this site is one of the best I’ve used to date.

Don’t have any money to spend on a dating site? Fear not, because you can sign up for free and use a lot of the website features with a typical standard free membership. At least that goes for the browsing of horny girls online looking to bang. However, you have to pay for a membership to interact with the others. I honestly don’t mind paying as long as I get results and I definitely got good results using Instabang. It’s a dating site that might go down in history alone for turning a social media site into the world’s best site to meet and bang locals.


Instabang.com has a ton of features aside from being able to find a so called, instant bang buddy. One of the main features that stands out at Instabang is the feature that allows you to view over 50 photos at a time and you can browse through them quickly and click on the ones you like. All the girls you like are notified immediately that you viewed them and thought they were hot.

The best thing about Instabang is that they don’t have a lot of fake profiles like the ones I have encountered on other hookup sites. Many similar sites put up a bunch of fake profiles to make you think that the site is more popular than it is. I did encounter one or two girls who seemed fake, but they were users who tried to get me to view their webcam. It didn’t seem like they came from the site itself.

Chances of Getting Laid

Your chances of getting laid are pretty high at Instabang. Depending on your local area, you might be able to find multiple prospects if you play your cards right. In fact, you may be able to find girls looking for threesomes. I’ve had a handful of them using this dating site.

The hot or not feature allows you to show a lot of girls you are interested at one time so it’s easier to get a dialogue going with them. Their database of users is huge so all you have to do is indicate the girls you like the most and turn on the charm. I should also mention that the girls using the mobile dating site love having sext messaging conversations via the site or app. The on site video messaging is absolutely incredible as well.

Website Safety

Any legit dating site is going to have good security, but Instabang goes the extra mile. Not only do they have safeguards built in to protect your privacy; they also have a security team that regularly checks the chat rooms and profiles to make sure that your experience is genuine and free of harassment. If you have a problem, they have an amazing customer service department to answer any questions or concerns. I can attest to this because I’ve personally seen the security and customer service center that the company behind Instabang has and it’s insane!

Cost To Join Instabang

Instabang allows you to do quite a bit for free, but you need to pay for a subscription to use the full site and interact with other members. Luckily they make it cheap and easy to try. You can pay $1 and get a Gold membership for 2 days to test it out and I’m sure you’ll like what you find. After the 2 days, you are charged the $39.95 a month. The best deal for a Gold membership is 18 months for $119.95. You can also choose a Silver membership for $24.95 a month or 12 months for $99.95.

Ease of Use

Insta Bang is set up like a social networking site, so the navigation seems very familiar. Be aware that much of the content on the site is pretty graphic, but you do have a choice to filter out the more graphic stuff. The layout of the site is actually geared toward ease of use, so you can go through as many profiles as possible to get to the ones you like the most.

The Search

I have seen some similar search engine functions on other adult dating sites that give you a lot of choices to narrow down your search. However, this one seemed even more effective because you don’t have any fake profiles that you need to worry about avoiding. This goes back to their level of security. This security is what keeps this site genuine and superb.

Final Verdict: Instabang Is A Top 3 Meet And Fuck Site!

If you enjoy using Instagram and flirting with all the IG models, you are going to love Instabang. The girls are hornier, friendlier and they will actually fuck as opposed to the typically Instagram attention whore. Both sites have a layout and functions that are similar to one another. Even if this is your first time using on a casual sex site, they make it easy enough to get used to using one. You’ll be able to browse all the available girls in your area that want sex and you will have a chance to interact with a lot of girls in a short amount of time. Give Instabang a chance and you won’t be sorry.

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