Oral Sex Tips For Guys To Master

Let’s face it. It’s easy for a guy to get an erection. Guys become aroused even when it’s not an appropriate time to be aroused. It’s a little more complicated with girls. This is why foreplay and oral sex is so important to satisfying a girl. Here are 10 oral sex tips for guys who want to master oral sex so they can get their partner off every time. Honestly, I wish I had thought to add this to my booty call checklist. Being good at oral sex is definitely checklist worthy. That said, I’ll waste no further time to share the best oral sex tips I cna think of today!

oral sex tips for guys to master

Ten Oral Sex Tips Guys Must Understand

1. Take your time: One of the most important things is patience. Don’t rush into and shove your finger or tongue in right away. Go very slow and deliberate with soft strokes at first. Don’t elevate your actions until her arousal is elevated.

2. Tease: A little teasing goes a long way. Softly stroke a certain spot and pull back when she starts to respond. Then go back again, even softer this time. This little game will drive her crazy with anticipation and wanting. Teasing will drive up her arousal and make her orgasm more intense.

3. Pay attention: Always pay attention to how she reacts to everything you do. If you get no response from any given thing, move on to something else. If you pay close attention to how she reacts to your techniques, you will know when to take your methods to the next level and turn up the intensity.

4. Don’t overstimulate: Whatever you do, do not spend too much time in one place. That will cause this spot to become desensitized and you don’t want that. Stimulate one area slowly then move to another spot while her sexual stimulation is still relatively high. You can always come back to it. You have time.

5. Using your mouth and fingers: Using your mouth and tongue just isn’t enough. For a more intense arousal, use both your mouth and fingers to stimulate her. Use your hands to help your tongue explore. Both at the same time can often drive her arousal up and over the edge.

6. Explore her body: While you’re down there, you don’t have to stay confined to one small area. Even if you are using one hand down there, allow the other hand to explore her body and her breasts. This makes her feel more stimulated and more desirable. The more touching the better. Just keep it soft and don’t grope and squeeze unless that’s what she’s into.

7. Ride her orgasm until the end: You will see when her arousal builds into an orgasm. Whatever you are doing, keep it going. Don’t stop until she has ridden her orgasm until the end. Stopping prematurely could lessen the intensity of her orgasm and shorten it as well.

8. Know when to pull back: She’s going to be sensitive right after her orgasm, so you should back off after it comes to an end. Let her bask in the overall tingling sensation of her peak arousal.

9. Be specific: If you have paid close attention to her arousal and it culminated in an orgasm, you should have a good idea what her particular buttons are turn-ons are. Always experiment and look for new ones, but always go back to the things that arouse her the most.

10. Give her another orgasm… or two: You don’t have to raise your hands and declare victory just yet. Once you give her one orgasm, the next one will be even easier. Give her another one or two. She will appreciate it and return the favor when it comes time to get you off.

Now if those oral sex tips don’t help you become a master in the bedroom then I truly don’t know what will. I’ve made so many girls happy with my oral skills. I can almost guarantee that if you can become a pro at this then you will be considered a god on any casual dating site you decide to join. I should also mention that joining a site isn’t something you just do without properly researching things. Read some of my adult dating reviews to get up to date information before you join.