How To Find Girls That Are Totally DTF

If you’ve seen the Jersey Shore reality TV show then you know what DTF stands for. When you’re a single guy who is sowing his wild oats with lots of casual sex, you know how important it is to find girls that are DTF (down to fuck). If you’re in the presence of a hot girl that happens to be down to bang and you don’t realize it, you could miss your opportunity.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough casual sex to be able to afford to miss any opportunities. That’s exactly why I typically pay close attention to the girls I meet that are “down.” I begin to notice certain signs that let me know when to make my move.

Here’s what I want to do for you. I would like to take what I have learned and pass it on to you. I don’t want you to miss some of the opportunities that I did before I learned how to increase my chances of finding a D.T.F. girl.

DTF Girls

Thing You Need To Know To Find A DTF Girl

Here are some of the most important things that you need to remember if you’re trying to determine if a girl’s down to bang.

Never back down from a challenge

The situation where a girl is DTF is not always going to be ideal and you need to prepare for that. If you stand around waiting for your moment, you are guaranteeing that you are going home alone. Seize every moment that presents itself and do not let anything discourage you. If you have your eyes on a girl who is surrounded by friends, don’t wait for her to be separated. Walk up to her with confidence and start talking to her with her friends right there. If she is DTF, she will talk to you. If she isn’t, move on.

Talk to as many girls as possible

Don’t spend your entire night talking to one or two girls unless you know you have found a girl that’s down to fuck. The best way to increase your chances of finding her is to talk to as many girls as possible and gauge the reaction of each one. The first thing you should find out from each girl is if she’s in a position to leave if she wanted to.

Find out which girls are most likely to leave with you

In your search for a girl that is DTF, talk to all the girls you can and find out who your best prospects are. Here is a list of questions that you can ask each girl that will effectively inform you which ones are more likely to be down.

Are you here by yourself? – This question gets the ball rolling.

How do you know this person/people? – This question will confirm that she is single.

Did you ride with them? – This question will let you know if she drove and needs to take someone home.

Are you doing anything after this? – This question will let her know that you are open to continuing your conversation elsewhere.

Do you have to get up early tomorrow? – This question will let her know that you want to keep her up past her bedtime.

jersey shore dtf tip

Follow these steps and you will be successful at finding a girl that is DTF….

Talk to all the girls you can.

Find out which ones are in a position to leave.

Make your choice and flirt.

Get her to flirt back with you.

She’s DTF. Take her home.

It’s literally that simple and if you don’t believe me then you just need to try and see what happens. Honestly, anything I’ve ever been successful at has only happened because I’ve put forth the effort to make it happen. The good news is that there are plenty of dating websites out there that can help you meet someone tonight. I’ve been using Fuckbook for months and it’s proven to have lots of DTF girls within the network! I suggest you check it out or at a minimum, read my review of it to see if it’s something you might be interested in using.