How To Connect With Sluts On Snapchat

What started out as a fun little app where you could snap and share photos and videos with your friends have become one of the many ways to hook up with other people in your area online. The main concept of Snapchat is also its main advantage. You can send out a selfie or a video to anyone you want on your friend’s list and it can only be read once and disappears. If you’re looking for an easy hookup, here is how to connect with sluts on Snapchat.

snapchat sluts

Snapchat Sluts And Steps To Connect With Them

Turn On The “Add Nearby” Feature – Some recent updates have given you the option to connect with people who are in your immediate vicinity. Tap the little ghost picture at the top of your screen and click “Add Friends” then “Add Nearby”. If anyone else in your area turned their Add Nearby feature on, you will see their username on your list. From here, you can decide whether you want to add them or not and they will either accept or deny.

Check Your Snapchat In Public – Now that your “Add Nearby” feature is on; it’s all about checking it when you are in the right place. Go out to a heavily populated area like a bar, concert, or other popular public venue where you know that like-minded people are hanging out. Check it periodically to see if anyone is looking to connect.

Make “Friends” – When you connect with someone, add them to your friend’s list just like you did any of your other friends. The only difference is that you are really trying to hook up rather than make a new friend. Send them a friendly picture and don’t get flirty just yet. If you get a picture back, you can either continue to flirt with them on a couple exchanges or approach them and introduce yourself.

Only 18+ Please – One thing about Snapchat is that you can’t control the age of the people who add you as a friend. Sometimes they might look more mature in their profile picture, but they are actually underage causing more drama than you need if you try to hook up with them. If you connect with someone that looks even the slightest bit young, you should use caution in your exchange and especially before you approach them.

Sexy Snapchat Exchange – When you have connected with a slut in your vicinity, it’s time to flirt and get them interested in having sex with you. Play a little game with them and pique their interests. For instance, if you are in a bar, take a picture or video of yourself in a certain area of the bar. The moment you send it, move to another spot. One trick that I have found effective is to find them based on the pictures they send back then take a final picture with my back to them where they can see themselves in the background. This usually gives them a good laugh and gives you a good opening to introduce yourself and offer them a drink.

Those are literally the steps that I take to connect with girls on Snapchat. Now, if you’d prefer to avoid having to deal with needy Snapchat hoes, then might I suggest trying out one of the meet and fuck websites that I use? I’m telling you right now, you’ll meet more women and get more ass than any traditional mainstream phone app.