Friends With Benefits: Rules And How To Find Them

There is nothing quite like having friends with benefits. In fact, one of the most convenient ways to find a no strings attached relationship is through FWB’s. If you wish to tend to your sexual urges, finding a “friend with benefits” type of person. You can then have sex with them on the regular. If by chance, you have never heard this term, it means having a friend that you have guilt free sex with.

This can be an excellent arrangement for both of you if you play your cards right. But how do you manage this? It is not something you usually plan out. It often happens naturally, but there are some things you should know about friends with benefits or “bang buddies” that can help you recognize the potential for one when it manifests itself.

Friends With benefits Rules

What You Need To Know About Having Friends with Benefits

Don’t expect a FWB to present itself too forcefully. If it happens, it’s not going to happen when you want it to. You absolutely cannot force it. More often than not, it happens when you are either drunk or having a hard time relationship wise. For example, if you break up with a local girl or you get too attached to someone you were having a fling with.

Your attractive friend swoops in to help you and, if they are single, both of you say “what the hell” and find comfort in the arms of one another. A night of fun and alcohol can also lead to a roll in the hay. Just remember to not try to initiate it just because you’re horny. Both partners must initiate. A moment where you have a mutual look or touch that sends you into a slobbering frenzy of lust that you end up laughing about the next morning and possibly talk about keeping it up while you are both single.

When It Goes Right

One of the benefits of having a friend with benefits is the fact that you don’t have to worry about a committed relationship. You don’t have to talk about your feelings and you don’t have to neglect your career or ambitions to give them the attention that they demand.

When it goes according to plan, you can also have a sexual outlet and you don’t have to worry about the dangers of having sex with strangers and risk catching something. You also avoid the risk of having sex with an overzealous person who wants a commitment and won’t take no for an answer. This is someone that you know. Someone that you have a history with. Things are much less complicated than when you are in a relationship, but you still have to be careful. Reason being, there are some ways that a friend with benefits agreement can go south.

When It Goes Wrong

The main danger of having a friend with benefits is the possibility that one of you develops a crush and wants the relationship to go beyond just friends. This is when it can get complex and someone can get hurt. You can try to set some ground rules in the beginning, but there is something you should realize.

The heart wants what the heart wants. If one of you develops feelings, you can’t just ignore them because you have a set of rules to follow. You should also realize that these feelings might creep in now and then. While communication should stay open, you should not act on these feelings. Don’t talk about them until you are sure what they are. Once you determine that the feelings are real, tell them right away. Deal with them or terminate the relationship.

One other important thing that I can say about an FWB relationship is quite simple. I suggest trying to only set up a few FWB relationships. Instead, you are better off just trying to meet n fuck someone online. Don’t establish too many real relationships because they get too messy. Avoid the mess and focus on getting new pussy daily instead.