Why I Don’t Hire San Diego Escorts Ever!

The fact that I’m pretty decent looking and that I don’t have trouble meeting girls, I don’t normally hire escorts. That statement especially holds true when I’m spending time at my house in San Diego. Due to my depth of knowledge and experience in the adult dating game, I know how to get laid in a jiffy. When it comes to hooking up with San Diego escorts I do my best to steer clear of them 100% of the time. There are plenty of reasons why I don’t hire girls for sex in the beautiful city. I’m going to share the reasons with you and I think you should pay close attention. Doing so may actually save you a trip to jail and it could save you a ton of money on legal fees.

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Top Five Reasons To Avoid Hiring San Diego Escorts

There are literally dozens of reasons why you should avoid escorts in the Southern Cal area. I’m only sharing those that I know you’ll be able to easily relate to with no questions asked.

They Lie A Lot

I’ll start with one of the main reasons that truly piss me off. I’m going to flat out just say that all fucking girls from San Diego that are escorts are fucking liars! They lie about so much shit it’s insane. I mean, there’s no reason why you should ever trust an escort chick but they SD girls seem to take things to another level. Some of the girls will say they need extra money for school or that they work three jobs etc. All these escorts lie through their teeth. How do I know? Because I’ve had conversations with a number of them that have been truthful with me after getting them drunk. They’ve confided in me letting me know that most of them are liars.

Too Pricey

The escort girls running around San Diego on Backpage and Craigslist are just too damn expensive. I’m talking a lot of money. Not just $50 for a blowjob but hundreds at times. I had one girl try and charge me $1,000 to have sex for 25 minutes. That’s absolutely ridiculous. She wanted that amount of money because she was a smoking hot blonde. True be told, she was really hot but not hot enough for me to shell out a grand to stick my dick in her. Fuck that hoe!

They’re Filthy

This one is the worst and if you’ve fucked an escort without a condom then you better get checked. Escorts are absolutely filthy. They fuck so many guys and often use drugs to the tune that they have diseases you wouldn’t believe. I can’t stand filthy girls and for that reason alone I’ve gotta say no way! Most of them smoke crack, shoot heroin, or do something to keep them from being sober. It’s part of the game but it leads to bad consequences.

Too Much Drama

If you’ve ever hired an escort then you know just how much drama comes with these girls. It’s always a pill trying to figure out the cash and them getting ripped off or some other drama with a pimp. Fuck all that noise. No one has time for any of that type of stuff. I can’t stand drama with girls in general. I guess that’s part of the reason why I date girls and don’t have a steady chick.

Not What You Expect

This one is funny but not that funny if a different girl shows up at your doorstep. That’s right, most of the time the girl that shows up is not what you expect. The escort ad shows some girl that’s got a perfect face and body with beautiful skin. Then a meth addict shows up at your doorstep and you’re left with curvy sloppy seconds with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. No thanks.

Sex Dating Is Easier

Last but not least, the reason I don’t hire escorts, in general, is that sex dating is actually easier. Using internet dating sites to try and meet someone with the same intentions is much easier and safer. Which is why I haven’t hired any Backpage escorts in a long time! I suggest you try and meet a girl in San Diego that’s not asking for money in exchange for sex.