Darryl Strawberry Would Fuck Female Spectators In Between Innings

I’m not going to sit here and pretend like you have no idea who Darryl Strawberry is. He just might be one of the most popular baseball players ever to play the sport. Partially because he could put up crazy stats. The other reason he was popular was due to his behavior. He’s the greatest baseball player I’ve ever known to smoke crack on a regular basis. He’s also the greatest baseball player that I’ve ever known to actually meet and fuck girls in between innings! That’s right, you heard that clear as can be. The former New York Mets player actually admitted to having sex with girls in the dugout during baseball games.

Darryl Strawberry Dugout Sex

Curious how he accomplished this task? Well, apparently he would scope out the stands during the games. When he saw a cute single girl that he liked, he would have someone get the girl and invite her into the dugout. The girl would come down while they were batting and he would go to pound town on that sweet local booty. Talk about a real deal booty call! I mean, I can’t think of anything that’s more boss status than doing something like that.

Let me fill you in on another little secret. I can almost guarantee that if Darryl Strawberry were playing today, he would without a doubt be able to have sex with more girls during Mets baseball games than any other period in time. Why? The reason is simple. There are far more ways to instantly connect with someone today. It’s not uncommon for people to using apps to meet people to bang. Nor is it uncommon for a group of people to all be members of the same online community to hook up with one another. This is just what the world has come to these days!

Honestly, I can’t say that I’m even mad about it one bit! In fact, I’m super happy that the world is as advanced as it is today and I’m sure if Darryl Strawberry wasn’t smoking crack, he would still be having sex with fans in the dugout!