As you know by now, my name is Andrew Justice. I hate being referred to by my full name. My friends call me A.J. and you should refer to me just the same. I’m a guy that’s spent the last four years using fuck dating sites to meet girls. Before that, I had worked in tech and the Internet. I’ve since left the internet and tech game and now I just make money off of my investments.

You’re probably wondering why I’m sharing so much information about myself but the truth is that I feel the need to do so. You need to understand the type of person that I am so you can better relate to the reviews that I’ve written. For starters, I can come off as a real prick but I’m as real as can be. I prefer to “keep it real” versus being fake as fuck.

Let me share my detailed story with you to give you a better idea of what I’m all about. The stigma that goes with people that join fuck dating sites is something that we as online daters just have to deal with. It’s not easy but my motto is to just say fuck those that don’t agree with our actions. We’re not here for a long time, just a good time. That’s why I use sites like Uberhorny and Instabang to meet girls with the same goals and objectives as myself.

I’m not afraid to share my personal story with you, but I’m not sharing my personal Facebook account or any other social profiles. You’re not going to find me on Twitter posting about how I fucked some hot Asian girl this weekend while partying in San Diego. You’re not going to find any Facebook photos of me and some random girl taking selfies at the Wynn in Las Vegas. What you will find on this site is everything you need to know about using each of the dating sites I’ve reviewed.

las vegas pool party girls

Here’s a picture that I took at one of the many pool parties I’ve attended in Las Vegas!

I created this website to help you and every other person who has any questions related to meeting people for sex. There are hundreds of sites that say they offer hookup services where you can meet some people with the main intention of having a drink and fooling around to having hardcore sex with a stranger. I literally stop at absolutely NOTHING to reveal the sites that are 100% EFFECTIVE and those that are nothing but the biggest online dating SCAMS.

Spend just a few minutes on my site and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Read my dating reviews. Take notes on some of the dating tips that I’ve shared. Thank me later…